How to edit an animated GIF ?
Animated GIF Banner Maker does not support editing an animated GIF file. But it comes with a GIF frames extractor tool that may help you do the work with another solution.

Click menu item "Animated GIF Frames Extractor ..." under the pull-down menu "Tools", the tool "Animated GIF Frames Extractor" will be activated. This tool is designed for extracting frames of an animated GIF into BMP, GIF or JPG files.

You may edit the animated GIF with the following steps,

Step 1, open the animated GIF with the frames extractor tool.

Step 2, save each frame into BMP or GIF files.

Step 3, create a new project, and add the extracted into the project, edit them and set the configures as you like.

Step 4, make a new GIF with the extracted and editted picture files.

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