How to register the software ?
According to the following steps to register your version of the Animated GIF Banner Maker software,

Step 1, Press the "Regsiter ..." button from the startup notice dialog, or press the pull-down menu "Help -> Enter Registration Code ..." to activate the registration dialog like the following,

Step 2, To register it, you must get a licensed registration code. If you have not bought a registration code, please press the "Buy Code" button to buy a registration code online. If you have one licensed registration code, then goto step 3.

Step 3, Enter your registration code exactly as what you get. The code characters are case sensitive and do not allow for adding extra blank spaces.

Step 4, Press the "Register" button to register it. If it pops as "Registration Succeeded!", it's OK. If it pops as "Registration Failed", it means that the registration name and code are not right, please enter it again. Suggest you using COPY and PASTE to avoid errors.

If you have any other questions, please send email to for support..

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