Frames List
The frames list window is docked at the left-bottom of the window. All the frames that added to the project will be showed in the list. The order in the list will be used to create the GIF banner, that means, all the pictures in the gif banner will be displayed in the order that they are placed in the list window. So you may change the order in the list to change their order in the created GIF banner. Just set focus to the frame in the list, then press the "Up" or "Down" button to move it up or down to change its order.

And set focus to the frame in the list, you will see the frame's properties in the "Frame Properties" tabbed window, you may change the values as you like, after changing, you must click the button "Apply these values to the selected frame" to apply it. You may also click the button "Apply these values to all the frames" to set all the frames to the same value.

By the way, for any modification, you must click the "Save" button on the toolbar to save it to the project file, otherwise it would be lost.

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